About Us

BBMA, the Bharat Broadcast and Media Association. It sounds like a comprehensive and essential organization for the media industry in India. The fact that BBMA covers a wide sp spectrum of media platforms, including print, broadcasting, digital, and cine media, reflects the diverse landscape of the media industry today.

Your focus on protecting journalists and professionals in the multimedia field is admirable, given the challenges that journalists often face while reporting and disseminating news. It’s also noteworthy that BBMA aims to represent the interests of the new media sector in India during policymaking. This suggests that the organization is actively involved in shaping regulations and guidelines that impact the industry.

The emphasis on “Content and Engagement First” showcases your commitment to delivering quality content to consumers while prioritizing audience engagement—a crucial aspect in today’s media landscape where audience interaction and participation have become integral.

If there’s anything specific you’d like to discuss or share about BBMA or its initiatives, feel free to provide more information or ask any questions you might have!